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I Spy Pies

It's Grand Final day! And in NSW, it's considered a criminal offence (practically) to watch the game without a pie in one hand, and a cold drink in the other. We might not be able to get you to the game today, but we can sure deliver on the pies!

Here's three places to grab a taste of pie perfection on a long weekend Sunday in the CBD:


During lockdown, the Steamers chefs have pivoted to baking incredible fresh pies available for takeaway hot, or cold for reheating later. They have NAILED it. Just look at these chunky creations! There's options to add a single beer or six pack, and sides like Mash, Mushy Peas and Cajun Corn.

See that stack of piiiiieeess in the banner image above? That's a few Steamer's options. Just look at these flavours!

🥩 Steak & Kidney

🦐 Scallop & Prawn Mornay

🐟 Salmon, Spinach & Brie

🍲 Beef Bourguignon with jus

🍗 Chicken & Leek

🌶️ Butter Chicken

🌭 Sausage N Mash

🍆 Lentil & Vegetable Ragout

These are only around for another week or two until lockdown eases - so get in QUICK. Available between 5pm-8pm.

The Royal Bakery

If you're more of a classic bakery pie fan, we see your Four + Twenty and raise you one baked-in-store daily, flaky buttery goodness pie at The Royal Bakery.

With favourites like chunky beef, steak and mushroom, chicken or vegetarian, we can smell this pie just by looking at this photo.

Find The Royal Bakery inside Wollongong Central, on the Lower Ground floor across from Coles.

Lamamita's Cafe

Spice up your Sunday and get a little exotic with a freshly baked Empanada. The Lamamita's crew bring a little Chilean heritage to their house pies. Choose from Beef, Cheese + Corn, or Chorizo + Veg.

Get in early - they're only open until 1pm.

Need a cold brew?

Drop by Five Barrel Brewing on lower Keira Street for some tasty freshly tapped beers made right here in the CBD! They're open from midday until 6pm for takeaways.