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Serious about comics

Four places to get your pop culture fix

When it comes to vintage treasures and collectables, Wollongong CBD wears the Crown (pardon the pun). If you're stanning for Stan Lee, or on the hunt for the ultimate Pokemon and haven't yet caught them all, here's four pop culture retailers you just can't miss:

1. The Alien Hive

If it's a rare trading card or pop figurine you're after, Shane and Paul at The Alien Hive are your go-to guys. They're known for their helpful, friendly service and will help you find that rare piece. Drop in to see their range of new and vintage collectables and games.

2. Dropbear Comics

Comic fans rejoice! Thanks to passionate local Jay Johnson, Wollongong CBD now have our very own dedicated comic store.

Jay is no stranger to the scene. What started out as a childhood hobby has turned into a specialist career. Today, Dropbear specialises in key issues, original art and one-of-a-kind graded books. Plus, there's a massive back catalogue of books from $1 so there's something for all the family.

Retro gaming at Dropbear Comics

3. The Shop of Things

The self-described ‘Random Shop of Things’ is a curious collection that's a delight to browse. You never know what you’ll find!

Shop of Thing’s treasure-hunting owners scour the nation, bidding on storage containers and antique lots to unearth rarities, oddities and pop culture relics. Some are valuable collectors items, some will just brighten your day and take you back to childhood.

4. Retro Groove

Tucked into Globe Lane, Retro Groove is a chilled-out cave of wonders filled with vintage fashion, homewares and bric-a-brac. From retro band tees, to vintage movie posters, to collectable beanie babies, there's a fun array of goodies to browse through. Pro tip - if you're looking for a music festival outfit, Retro Groove is a winner!

Browse collectibles at The Alien Hive