Free Wi-Fi in Wollongong

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In the Wollongong CBD, free Wi-Fi is provided in certain areas by Wollongong City Council, Wollongong Central shopping centre, and many cafes and restaurants. Check with the individual business you are visiting for details.

Wollongong City Council Free Wi-Fi service

Wi-Fi is available under the service "Council Free Wi-Fi" in the outdoor areas below:

  • Crown Street between Corrimal Street, Market and Burelli Street
  • Globe Lane
  • Keira Street between Smith and Crown Street
  • The Arts Precinct between the Art Gallery and IPAC.

Daily Limits

There is a four hour time limit and/or 10GB (whichever occurs first) per user per day. After this time, you will automatically be logged-out of the Wi-Fi until the next day. Please be aware public Wi-Fi is not secure and should not be used for accessing sensitive or confidential information e.g. banking or where a username and password is required.

Wi-Fi FAQs

What devices can be connected to the Wollongong City Centre free Wi-Fi service?

Any Wi-Fi enabled device can be connected. These include mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Your device should have an inbuilt Wi-Fi adapter to enable it to connect to our access points.

What do I need to do to connect to the free Wollongong City Wi-Fi service?

• Make sure your wireless enabled device is turned on, and that its wireless signal/switch is activated.
• Choose ‘Council Free Wi-Fi’ from the available Wireless Network Connection list and select ‘Connect’.
Open your internet browser. The Wollongong City Wi-Fi web page will appear after a short time.
• Read the Usage Policy and Terms. Press accept and continue if you agree.
• Please wait for the system to log-on.

Are there restrictions to any websites that I can access through the Wollongong City Free Wi-Fi?

Wollongong City Council has taken appropriate measures to restrict illegal or inappropriate content from being accessed on the Council network, wherever possible. At all times, it is the responsibility of the end user to act with caution when using the network. If you find that you are being blocked from legitimate websites by accident, please contact our support helpdesk to report the issue.

Help with accessing Wi-Fi:

If you have questions or require help using the service, contact the Wollongong City Council free Wi-Fi hotline on 42 277 111.