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Crown Art and Design Shop

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A self-proclaimed gift shop for Misfits or as we like to call it, a candy shop for local artists! 

Duo Simon and Brett opened the store in November 2020 combining their passion for photography and street and seeing a gap in Wollongong for good quality products that supported these styles of art.

If you’re into street art/painting, film photography and development, independent zines and magazines, local and underground records/music, or small-run apparel/clothing labels then Crown Art and Design is your kind of shop. 

Street art is a big part of Wollongong and Crown Art and Design is at the forefront of the creative community, providing high-quality supplies, support and even a great canvas (their shopfront) to paint on!  

What's on offer:

  • High-quality paint supplies
  • Film photography and development supplies
  • A range of merchandise
  • Advice and support from expert local artists

Contact Details

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm

Saturday 11am - 3pm

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