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Exploring Pottery and Ceramics

Unleash your creativity with clay!

You may have noticed a more and more ceramics and pottery studios popping up in recent years. There's been an increase in the popularity of this ancient artform with many people drawn to the hands on and earthy form of expression. From delicate porcelain to rugged sculptures, the world of pottery provides an endless opportunity to create and connect to the natural world.

Let's dive into the vibrant community of ceramics in the Wollongong CBD and find out where you can get hands on and create!

Clay Wollongong

Clay Wollongong is a community ceramic arts studio situated in the heart of Wollongong CBD. The studio offers a wide-range of ceramic classes & courses from hand building to wheel-throwing for all skill-levels and all-ages as well as studio access for practicing artists. 

During the Wander Wollongong - Art weekend on 17 & 18 June, Clay Wollongong is opening its studio doors to the public. You could book in for a free Hand Building Workshop, listen to artist Jacqueline Cavallaro speak about her artistic practice, or watch a Wheel Throwing Demonstration!

Illawarra Potters

Illawarra Potters is a Wollongong based, not-for-profit pottery association. They provide members access to a workshop space to support the practice of pottery in the community. The studio space includes dedicated pottery and ceramics equipment such as pottery wheels (which can accommodate left-handed potters), workspace, moulds, banding wheels, wedging table, slab roller and electric kilns.

The studio will be open throughout the Wander Wollongong - Art weekend on 17 & 18 June, so why not head down (no bookings required) and explore the range of activities the potters will have on offer! Meet the artists and discuss their creative process (you'll have the opportunity to purchase some of their work too!), have a play and create with clay, or contribute an element to the members' totem project.

Voart Studio

From absolute beginners to experts looking to create, Voart Studio invites you to learn, chill out and have some fun whilst making art. Just off Crown Street Mall, this hideaway art studio is run by Violetta and established artist who has created a beautiful artistic escape right in the Wollongong CBD.

Violetta will be running some incredible free workshops during the Wander Wollongong - Art weekend on 17 & 18 June, including Clay Wheel Throwing and Charcoal Drawing Workshops. You can also catch her Shy Man exhibition.