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We Shop the Gong

It's been a tough two years for Wollongong's local businesses.

You can help your city to recover. It's easy! Now is the time to buy local, and shop the Gong.

Think local first while you’re shopping or entertaining the family. Book a local table, celebrate locally, see local shows, hire local tradies, or discover unique shops. Enjoy convenience and expertise while you support your city.

From Helensburgh to Yallah…. We Shop the Gong!

Why shop local?

The profits and jobs stay here

  • Small business is the heartbeat of our community. When you spend $1 in a local business, 67 cents stays right here in Wollongong.
  • Where your dollars go, new jobs follow. With around half of all Australians employed by small businesses, spending in a local business helps your friends, family, or even yourself stay employed.
  • In the past 12 months alone, Wollongong residents have spent over $800 million outside of our city**. If we spent just 10% of that here in our city, 800 new jobs would be created.

*Go Local First data, 2021. **Spendmapp data, 2021.

Real service, and more choice.

  • If you're looking for unique or specialised products, go local first. Our passionate local businesses are innovating for the future, offering you more choice in world-class products and services.
  • You can trust your local to offer genuine expert service, and staff who are dedicated to their field.

2021 hurt small business the most

  • Many local businesses drained their reserves in 2020, then were left with no buffer when the 2021 lockdown hit.
  • ABS data showed that ten times more jobs have been lost in small business than in big business*.
  • Wollongong LGA saw a 30% decline in spending between July to September this year (the lockdown period)**, when compared to the previous year. This equates to around $239 Million in lost revenue for our local businesses.

*Go Local First data, 2020. **Geografica Spendmapp data, 2021

Enjoy convenience

  • Wollongong has it all! With so many great local businesses, there's never been a better time to eat, drink, play and shop in one easy to get around location.
  • If you're shopping online, don't risk delivery delays. Click-and-collect with a local business and enjoy convenience and reliability.

Get involved

If you're a business owner, get involved! It's easy. Head to the link below to download instant graphics, or submit your story.

And if you're a shopper, head to our shop and support page to see tips on free and easy ways to support your locals. Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date.