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8 fun ways to use your entertainment vouchers in Wollongong

You've probably heard by now that all NSW residents over 18 are eligible to apply for $100 worth of Dine + Discover vouchers.

But did you know that your vouchers expire on 30 July? Don't let your dollars go to waste! It's time to start planning your own voucher-funded night (or day) out.

Here's some unique ideas to get you started on where to spend your 2 x $25 'Discover' entertainment vouchers:

Tommy Little will perform at the Town Hall

1. Laugh 'til it hurts!

What better way to kiss goodbye to COVID than with a can't-tell-if-I'm-laughing-or-crying moment at the Wollongong Town Hall. With a full program over winter, you can take your pick of big name comedians like Ben Elton, Tom Gleeson and Tommy Little.

Redeem your voucher by calling or visiting the Merrigong box office in person. (Vouchers not redeemable online).

2. Smash therapy

Let's face it, 2020 made us all want to smash some stuff. The good news? Now you legitimately can! Book into SmashLab for a session of smashing household goods in a very satisfactory, and safe way.

3. Putt your stuff

Mini golf clubs and balls at Holey Moley Wollongong.

Get ready to kick some putt at Holey Moley indoor mini golf!

It's the craziest round of golf you've ever played, with a 'multi-sensory labyrinth' of pop-culture themed holes. It's colourful, it's fun, and there's food, cocktails and tunes on offer at The Caddyshack bar for all your off-the-green needs.

4. Rediscover live music

Tim Freedman will perform at Centro CBD

When did you last hear a live band? Wollongong CBD has a diverse and very active live music scene. This is your chance to remember that 'goosebumps up your spine' feeling with a live show thanks to your Dine & Discover entertainment voucher.

From folk to opera, jazz to cabaret - there's something for everyone in the CBD.

The Music Lounge, IPAC and Town Hall are all accepting vouchers with bookings through Merrigong. Give them a call or book in person at the box office to redeem a voucher.

Or for the ultimate indulgence, book a show at Centro CBD to enjoy live music while you're served a delicious three course Italian dinner!

5. Let the games begin

If you're feeling lucky (or just want to prove you can still beat all your mates), head into B. Lucky & Sons Arcade + Bar! While you're never too old for games, you're in for a treat with the luxurious vintage-inspired cocktail bar meets action-packed gaming arcade. Race your mates in classic Mario Kart or Daytona, try your hand at games of luck and skill, and earn points towards goodies from the Pawn Shop.

When you’re all gamed out, there’s a tasty menu of bar food faves like toasties, pizzas and even donut ice cream sandwiches!

6. Get back to the big screen

Movies are just better when they're paired with surround sound, a biiiiiiig screen, choc tops, popcorns, and your favourite people to watch along with. Greater Union Cinemas in Wollongong are back in action, just in time to accept your Dine & Discover vouchers!

With family favourites, vintage classics and new releases on offer - this is your chance to rediscover the big screen experience.

Why not check out the Travelling Film Festival with a selection of the world's finest movies from the Sydney Film Festival.

7. Breakout the brain cells

Breakout Bar + Escape Rooms is a completely unique adventure. In just one evening you can immerse yourself in an escape room, indulge in a creative cocktail in the steam-punk inspired bar, and belt out a tune in a private karaoke room.

What is an escape room? It's an adventure game for grown-ups! You'll work together to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, unlock each stage of the room, and ultimately, ‘escape'.

Ready to escape? Book in a group of 2 - 8 people, and take your choice of five themed escape rooms from the brain-teasing Da Vinci room, to the very spooky Asylum.

8. Put it towards a holiday!

Most of us have itchy feet by now. Why not start planning your next adventure? Two travel agents in the CBD are accepting Dine & Discover entertainment vouchers. Find out where you can travel to by contacting Our World Travel in Crown St Mall, or Travel on Crown at 90 Crown St.

9. A complete night out

The best part? You can use your Dine & discover dining voucher in the Wollongong CBD too, so you can have a full night out with food, drinks AND entertainment all in one easy place. There are over 100 registered Dine & Discover food and drink venues in the CBD - offering up the world on a plate. Browse by cuisine using the button below.

Two girls toast with cocktails on a rooftop bar in Wollongong
Humber Bar rooftop on Crown St