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Urban Expression – Street Art in the CBD

Immerse yourself in the city's Street Art scene.

Welcome to the world of street art - where creativity breaks free from conventional boundaries and anything goes. Street art is an expressive form of art that can transform public spaces into vibrant galleries, it's ever evolving, and it pushes limits. The Wollongong CBD is alive with street art, from the murals painted in the Wonderwalls Festival through to the legal Grafitti Wall behind the Wollongong Youth Centre. We've rounded up some of the top street art locations to visit on the Wander Wollongong - Art launch weekend.

Bad News Gallery

Bad News Gallery was born out of the need to create a space where emerging local and established artists could exhibit their work in a safe and supportive space. The gallery is a modular space allowing creatives the opportunity to hire the property to transform it into anything the artist can imagine.

During the Wander Wollongong - Art weekend on 17 & 18 June, they will be showcasing Do It Yourself (a street art exhibition with local artists) as well as hosting multiple artists talks - lineup of Street Artists to be confirmed shortly so stay tuned!

Crown Art & Design

A self-proclaimed gift shop for Misfits or as we like to call it, a candy shop for local artists! If you’re into street art/painting, film photography and development, independent zines and magazines, local and underground records/music, or small-run apparel/clothing labels then Crown Art and Design is your kind of shop. 

Street art is a big part of Wollongong and Crown Art and Design is at the forefront of the creative community, providing high-quality supplies, support and even a great canvas (their shopfront) to paint on! There will be a street artist live painting the mural in Crown Lane during the Wander Wollongong - Art weekend on 17 & 18 June as well as a Q&A/Artist talk, plus a street art discussions.

Grafitti Wall

At the rear of the Wollongong Youth Centre, you’ll find a legal Graffiti Wall. The purpose of this wall is to minimise illegal graffiti throughout the city and encourage people to share their work and socialise together in a shared space. This wall changes almost daily so you’ll never really see the same thing twice! Head on down - you might see some street art in action.


Wonderwalls is a street art festival celebrating the vibrant transformation of Wollongong into a city alive with art and culture. Launched in 2012, the program now includes over 50 artworks in the CBD alone. You never know what you’ll uncover as you stroll through the streets of Wollongong – from small pieces in alleyways, to multi-storey creations that take your breath away.

The Things You Miss If You Don't Look Up

Located in the Crown Street Mall (under the Wollongong Central bridge) you'll find this mural. Live painted during the 2022 Laneways Live festival, this work aims to provide a day and night experience. It is a collaboration between experienced street artist Brooklyn Wheelan and emerging street artist Sarah McCloskey. Brooklyn collaborated with Sarah to deliver one of his signature cloudscapes fit with a live neon.