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Support music: listen local

Four easy ways to save our scene

Life's just not the same without our regular fix of live music. Our local venues and artists are doing it really tough right now, with live performances - the lifeblood of the industry - currently on hold. The good news is that there are a few very easy ways to help keep the music alive.

  1. Hold on to your tickets. If you have tickets to a rescheduled show, don't get a refund. Hold on for a future date!
  2. Spread the word. Found an awesome new band? Tell a friend, shout it from the balcony, and find a way to share the love. There's some handy Insta story templates below to get the ball rolling.
  3. Buy merch. Nothing says comfy home gear like your favourite band tee. Treat yourself to a new one and you'll be ahead of the trend for Ausmusic T-Shirt Day in November.
  4. Stream Local. We know you've got some spare hours up your sleeve, and this requires zero effort on your behalf. Stick on Spotify and listen to one of these local playlists filled with some of the Illawarra's finest. There's a band for everyone in these eclectic mixes. And the best part? When our venues reopen you'll be able to track them down for a local gig!

The Shy Postie Playlist

Local music venue the Postie has created a list of songs by their favourite Wollongong bands. Click here to listen, and don't forget to follow for updates. Tag them on Insta if you want to get an add for your band!

Wollongong Youthy Playlist

Many of us cut our teeth on local all ages gigs at the Wollongong Youth Centre. There are a whopping 8+ hours of local tunes in this playlist snapshotting Wollongong acts over the last few years. We dare you to say you can't find something you like!

Click here to listen.

Share the Love

Save one of these images, share it to your Instagram or Facebook story, and tag a local artist. You just might make their day!

Youthy Playlist Listen local image: Band - Good Lekker. Venue - Globe Lane. Photo - Chris Frape.

Top Banner image: Band - Floodway. Venue - Wollongong Youth Centre. Photo - Anna Warr.

Share the Love image: Band - Classic. Venue - The Shy Postie. Photo - Chris Frape.